Truth Matters! Articles

Capital “ T ” Truth—God’s Truth—is indeed awesome!  We hope you
have enjoyed the earlier pages on this site.  God’s Word continues to
unfold just as He stated.  He is faithful!

In addition to giving us His Word, He’s also graciously provided the
means to process His Truths.  The following  Truth Matters!  articles
take the Word of God and bring applicable commentary to our
culture today.  May further preparedness for His Son’s glorious
return be the fruit of your reading, unto the glory and praise of the
Most High God.

Truth Matters! 1    
Can Christians Reject God’s Absolute Truths?

Truth Matters! 2    
What Do The Following Gospel Verses Have In Common?

Truth Matters! 3    
Are We Discerning Postmodern Progress In Our Churches?

Truth Matters! 4    
Another Precious Example Of Bible Prophecy Fulfillment?

Truth Matters! 5
Are You Attributing Biblical Definitions To End-Time Terms?

Truth Matters! 6    
Further Attempts To Undermine The Holy Word Of God?

Truth Matters! 7    
For Evangelistic Purposes, How Far Would You Go?

Truth Matters! 8    
Are We Depending Upon God Or Today’s Global Culture?  Pt. 1

Truth Matters! 9    
Are We Depending Upon God Or Today’s Global Culture?  Pt. 2

Truth Matters! 10   
Is This Another Example Of God’s Faithfulness To His Word?

Truth Matters! 11   
The ULTIMATE Test Of Our Lives: What Think We Of Christ?

Truth Matters! 12   
What Are Some Of The Cultural End-Time THEMES?

Truth Matters! 13   
Are Expressions Of The Spirit Of Antichrist Present Today?

Truth Matters! 14   
Are The Skeptics Of Our Day In Real Trouble, Or What?

Truth Matters! 15    
The Fruits Of The  INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Movement

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Some have expressed the need to have biblical justification for
this ministry’s emphases.  While the biblical themes are clear
(First Things First  page), and the cultural examples are obviously
present to those with  open  eyes (Truth Matters!  pages), we also
present biblical grounds for the  chronological . distinctives of this

Note: . Although a defense of  The Final Trumpet Rapture Gathering
position is not the emphasis of Endurance Ministries, we do agree
it’s important to show sufficient (biblical) warrant for the chrono-
logical position of this ministry in order to make the application
appeals we do.

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of chronology) of this equipping-toward-the-end-of-readiness 
ministry, please see: .

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